“Fashion changes, but style endures.”

Coco Chanel

Hello Chumingtons! Long time no see! How I have missed my little blog over the past few weeks…sadly my attention has been required elsewhere of late! That shiz is done now though and once again I can snuggle up in my cosy internet home. Now often in the world of blogging, following a little hiatus people often have a bombardment of stuff to show and share from their time away…well unless you happen to have a particular interest in the pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of warfarin, that isn’t going to be happening here!

Instead I will be sharing with you a quick tutorial which I whipped up today….and quick is the word, after a craft lull, I always like to indulge in some instant gratification and this fits the bill splendidly!

So some background, if only to remove some of the randomness. Recently I was asked if I could whip up some dog collar bandanas for a charity dealio…all very nice (and obviously I’m going to do it) but I’m personally not a bandana fan. If I’m going to dress my dog up, I want them a bit classier…and so, after failing to convince them a monocle was an excellent style choice, I managed to persuade them to sport a bow tie…and if I haven’t made it clear in the past, I think bow ties (very much like bow ties) are cool!

And so I give to you…

The Dog Collar Bow Tie


Rather Dapper No? So what does one need for this…


You’ll also need a sewing machine…a festive pin cushion is not a requirement but I do very much like it (’twas a crimmble present, thank you Anne!).

So I’ll keep this fairly brief, as they are super simple and I really don’t want to insult your intelligence (Should any of it be unclear however, just holler and I shall expand). So to business, first we need to cut out 2 rectangles of 11cm x 7cm and 2 mores of 3.5cm x 7cm.


While in the grand scheme of things, direction of print isn’t likely to make much odds for something this wee (small for the non Scottish among you) I will point out that on both pieces 7cm is the “height” of the piece.

We shall start with the larger pieces…place them right sides together and sew round all four edges using the edge of your foot (as in machine foot, not you actual foot, obviously) as a guide, remembering to leave a small gap at the centre of the bottom edge. I shall now display this in pictorial form…


…Trim and clip those corners….


…and flip it right side out through the hole and press


Not very bow tie-y as of yet…but wait…we need to concertina the centre by pinching it together and stitch in place


We’re getting there now…but we shan’t dilly dally…onto the smaller pieces…right sides together again and using the edge of the foot as a guide, sew down each of the 2 longer edges.


Aaaaaaaaand again, trim the seam allowances, turn right side out and press.

ImageSew the short edges to create a ring, and slip this onto the bow piece we created previously, once again hand stitching in place (through the back so it doesn’t show on the pretty side).


My my my, isn’t that just beginning to look like a little bow tie! but how can we attach this to the collar? well if you’d give me a minute I’ll explain…jeez!…anyway, now comes the elastic portion of proceedings, cut a 6cm piece of elastic and sew it into a loop (I did mine by hand because it was quite thick and my machine was having a temper tantrum about it…very unlike him!). then simply sew this onto the back of your bow tie…et voila…


Simply slip this elastic loop round your dogs collar and position…don’t he look fancy! Obviously, as well as making an awfully spiffy bow tie, you could equally use this tutorial to make a lurverly bow for the female pooches in your life…all my dogs are male however, with most of the bits to prove it, and so I spared them the indignity of sporting a girly bow…you’ll simply have to use your imagination…


Originally I had booked the oh so marvellous Bruno for this photo shoot, but apparently he was channelling his inner Diva that day and pulled a Naomi Campbell-esque strop…this was probably best of the bunch but it’s far from ideal…


He gets away with it though because he’s so gosh darn adorable…“dwee dwee, stop pointing the camera at me, dwee!”

That’s all folks!!!


“Happiness is a warm puppy.”

Charles M Schulz

So despite the fact that it is currently verging on midday as I sit here writing this, I am still lounging around in my oh so masculine kimono dressing gown…

Kimono Macho macho man…

Despite this I have actually been reasonably productive, both with boring stuff like dishes and more blog appropriate tasks like screen printing, huzzah! So what have you been screen printing today I hear you ask (either that or the voices are back…)? Well, seeing as you asked ever so nice…I am once again screen printing a gift, this time for Mothers Day. Now I grant you we are still several weeks away from the day (it’s the 30th of March for those of you who are now trying to remember when it is this year!) but given my previous rushed attempt and the DISASTER (okay, possibly overstating it a tad…you can judge for yourself here) that ensued, I thought I’d allow myself more time in this instance.

So coming up with a stencil was far from a taxing endeavour. I simply asked myself, what does the mothership love more than anything else…even more than her wonderful and talented children…

image Jethro!

While it would be nice to say nothing, I have come to terms with being secondary in the hierarchy of affection to the new puppy…I’m the same with my two so who am I to judge! So anyway, I decided to create a cairn terrier stencil (for those of you who don’t know what one looks like, think toto from the Wizard of Oz)…


…and printed it onto a T-shirt like so…


Job done!