The online home of B & the Moon
It’s a work in progress but it will be all shiny soon…

The following links are sites I have used with notes on my personal experience using said company. Should your own experience differ, please don’t blame me as that would be jolly well mean!


Fabric & Haberdashery

Not the cheapest site but excellent service and good quality fabrics. While the selection may not be huge I generally want about 98% of what they stock!

Regency Rags
A bit hit or miss, but AMAZING if you’re looking for a bargain! Service is excellent also with Speedy Gonzales-esque delivery. They also have an ebay shop.

So many beautiful fabrics…I could literally spend days in store simply staring at them and occasionally stroking them…a little weird perhaps but fellow fabric lovers will understand!

Remnant House
I was amazed to find this little fabric shop in Harrogate actually had a website. The shop itself is an Aladdin’s Cave and the website is much the same.

Tailor Mouse
As well as having a pleasingly Beatrix Potter name they also give good haberdashery!

Loop Knitting Shop
While (as the name would suggest) an online knitting shop, I include it here as they have what I can only describe as the greatest collection of buttons known to man and beast.

Minerva Crafts
It’s a biggie but a goodie!

Another biggie but also goodie!

Any fans of Project Runway or PR Allstars (or indeed both!) will be familiar with this amazing New York based fabric Mecca. Well, now they do international delivery!!! I cannot comment on this as I have yet to order anything, but it’s worth a look anyway simply to drool over some fancy fabric…


Mustard wool

Knitting & Crochet

Purplelinda Crafts
I’m not entirely sure why Linda is purple, but regardless…excellent choice, value and speedy delivery…always one of my first stops on my hunt for wool!

I’ve always had excellent service from the lovely peoples of deramores…and if you want it, they’ve more than likely got it

So strictly speaking, not an online shop but should you be in the dundee area it’s worth a gander…there is excellent wool and a spaniel called Arthur, could one ask for more?


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