Some people say that B & the Moon is a mystery wrapped in an enigma wrapped in a scotch egg…but that’s the sort of answer you’d expect if you ask a crazy person…(I’m sure that’s a quote but from where I cannot be sure!)

B & the Moon is in fact the brainchild of me, Benjamin Moore. I was lucky enough to study the incredibly artistic subject of Veterinary Medicine at Glasgow University and am currently studying towards a Masters Degree in Stratified Medicine and Pharmacological Innovation. As such it was an obvious and logical step to begin a creative endeavour such as this. I jest of course, but it isn’t as radical a departure as it may seem. As a child of an artistic household and lifelong crafter I have always needed to maintain a creative outlet to help keep the madness at bay. Design then became a very natural progression, allowing me to take the abstract notions floating around the old think tank, and nurture them into tangible and complete pieces. And now the time has come to present them to the wider world, hopefully, for your enjoyment.

All that is left to say is welcome to the wonderful world of B and the Moon…Feel free to kick off those shoes…oh! *sprays air freshener*



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