“Happiness is a warm puppy.”

Charles M Schulz

So despite the fact that it is currently verging on midday as I sit here writing this, I am still lounging around in my oh so masculine kimono dressing gown…

Kimono Macho macho man…

Despite this I have actually been reasonably productive, both with boring stuff like dishes and more blog appropriate tasks like screen printing, huzzah! So what have you been screen printing today I hear you ask (either that or the voices are back…)? Well, seeing as you asked ever so nice…I am once again screen printing a gift, this time for Mothers Day. Now I grant you we are still several weeks away from the day (it’s the 30th of March for those of you who are now trying to remember when it is this year!) but given my previous rushed attempt and the DISASTER (okay, possibly overstating it a tad…you can judge for yourself here) that ensued, I thought I’d allow myself more time in this instance.

So coming up with a stencil was far from a taxing endeavour. I simply asked myself, what does the mothership love more than anything else…even more than her wonderful and talented children…

image Jethro!

While it would be nice to say nothing, I have come to terms with being secondary in the hierarchy of affection to the new puppy…I’m the same with my two so who am I to judge! So anyway, I decided to create a cairn terrier stencil (for those of you who don’t know what one looks like, think toto from the Wizard of Oz)…


…and printed it onto a T-shirt like so…


Job done!


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