“Sitting here with one’s knitting, one just sees the facts”

The Thirteen Problems, Agatha christie

So today I should be attempting to complete, or more accurately begin an essay for my MSc…and if I’m honest, I’m thoroughly uninspired by it (predominantly because the class it was for was an unmitigated waste of time!). Up until a short while ago I couldn’t even bring myself to come up with the focus of said essay…so I decided to whip out the old needles, stick on an audiobook (The Magicians Nephew, C.S.Lewis) and channel my inner Miss Marple.

1/2 a slipper...

Now I wouldn’t refer to it as a ‘Eureka’ moment, more of a ‘that’ll do, I s’pose’ moment. The important thing is however I have the concept, and only halfway through slipper one! Knitting thou art AWESOME! I will now most likely rejoice in this fact for the rest of the day, conveniently avoiding doing any of the actual essay writing…but what ya gonna do.

To summarize…knitting good, essay bad!

So long
*and with a swish of his cape he was gone…*


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