“Progress is not accomplished in one stage.”

Les Misérables, Victor Hugo

Well hello! Long time no see! Well it’s been over a week…but this past week has been, what one might refer to as a blooming nightmare…

But I am not here to complain, that I shall save for my long suffering family (don’t pity them, it is their job after all!). Given the hectic-ness of recent times, my crafting time has sadly been limited (to which I yell a resounding BOOOOOOOOOO!). However, I do not entirely lack achievements and I shall share some of the progress I have made with you right here, right now!

Keyhole bodice

First up we have a partially completed bodice, which won’t take long to become a fully fledged dress…although I am undecided with what to do for the skirt which might slow things up as I can, on occasion, be insanely indecisive…but no, I shall be bold and think positively!

I draped it a few weeks back but only just got round to sewing it up. I’ll be honest with you though…this is the second attempt at this bodice…apparently I was a touch stingy with ease in this garment, and rather selfishly little sis (who the dress is for) insists on being able to breathe in her clothes! Kids these days…

Moving on…I also decorated a cake for a family friend’s birthday. She likes penguins (although who doesn’t!).

Penguin cake

I hadn’t planned to put any baking on this blog, but I decided to make an exception here to convince myself I’ve not spent the past week drowning in admin!

I fear I must now depart dear reader, as the dogs seem to be most insistent that I am not paying them nearly enough attention!

“Hello, my name’s Diesel, I like to lie on overlocker pedals…preferably when hours worth of work is under the blade!”

Auf Weidersehen!


“Sitting here with one’s knitting, one just sees the facts”

The Thirteen Problems, Agatha christie

So today I should be attempting to complete, or more accurately begin an essay for my MSc…and if I’m honest, I’m thoroughly uninspired by it (predominantly because the class it was for was an unmitigated waste of time!). Up until a short while ago I couldn’t even bring myself to come up with the focus of said essay…so I decided to whip out the old needles, stick on an audiobook (The Magicians Nephew, C.S.Lewis) and channel my inner Miss Marple.

1/2 a slipper...

Now I wouldn’t refer to it as a ‘Eureka’ moment, more of a ‘that’ll do, I s’pose’ moment. The important thing is however I have the concept, and only halfway through slipper one! Knitting thou art AWESOME! I will now most likely rejoice in this fact for the rest of the day, conveniently avoiding doing any of the actual essay writing…but what ya gonna do.

To summarize…knitting good, essay bad!

So long
*and with a swish of his cape he was gone…*

“Good things take time. Great things take a long time. And the best things take the longest time.”


I must conclude, that if this in fact the case, then 18th century stays are the best…because they take FOREVER! It’s a rather enjoyable forever though, so while it may seem that I am complaining I can assure you I am not.

I was hoping to post part 2 of my previous post with a completed item but alas we ain’t there yet. Progress is being made though…

18th Century Stay on its way to completion

Need to get cracking to avoid this being ANOTHER unfinished project, which I’d be lying if I said wasn’t a possibility…should a completed stay not appear over the following weeks I give you leave to harass and berate me till it’s done, it’s for my own good!

One area where no pushing will be required is putting in the eyelets…perhaps it’s a man thing but hammers (very much like bow ties) are cool!

Bang, bang, bang…yay for hammers!

As a final point for today I would just like to comment on another very pleasant day with Mairi B, I can think of little else more civilised than sewing on a Sunday while listening to the dulcet tones of Dorris Day and Tori Amos! I should also thank her for introducing me to The Musketeers (on the good ol’ BBC), as well as being top notch TV there is a veritable Smörgåsbord of beautiful stays, further fuelling my new found obsession!

Alas dear friends, with an audible sigh, I must return to less creative exploits…Adieu.