“Hole onter sumpin’ an’ suck in yo’ breaf,”

Gone with the Wind, Margaret Mitchell

Part 1

It never ceases to amaze me how much you can learn from the internet nowadays…this being said though, I’m still a fan of a bit o’ old school classroom learning.

With this in mind, and thanks to a most generous gift from my wonderful Auntie Helen, I decided to sign up for a class on making 18th century stays with the delightful Mairi B (http://mairib.wordpress.com) in Edinburgh.

But what is a stay? I hear you ask (obviously not really, it’s not like I’m hiding behind your Sofa…or am I? Mwahahahaha!). Well in simple terms Stays are the precursor to Corsets, and that’s as much of a history lesson as I’ll be given today (although I may come back to it later as it’s actually quite interesting!).

She runs several classes including a corsetry class, but I chose the stays class mainly because I have some serious OCD tendencies and like to do things in order (and stays predate corsets). I justify it to myself and the world at large though by spouting statements like “I feel if you understand where clothing began it’s then easier to understand the construction of later garments!”. In the main part though…OCD!

Stay paneld
Stay Panels

Regardless, I attended the first day (of two) yesterday and thoroughly enjoyed myself! Not only did I actually learn something but I got to spend the day drinking tea, eating biscuits and chatting about period drama…period dramas (alongside coffee) are my drug of choice so big thumbs up!

A personal period drama favourite!

Anyway, lots of homework to do before the final day (Sunday) so better get on with some of it…for now, I bid you adieu…

P.S. For those who know me I feel I should point out that I am taking this class to allow me to attempt more intricate sewing projects…I am not secretly wearing corsets and crinolines and currently have no plans to.

P.P.S For those who don’t know me, please note that I do not hold any strong feelings against male corsets, they just ain’t for me!


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