“Better drowned than duffers, if not duffers wont drown”

Swallows and Amazons, Arthur Ransome

A strange sentiment to begin with I confess but I shall explain …I have long thought about joining the world of blogging, and in particular blogging about my creative exploits. I’ve always just assumed though that it’ll go unread and be left a small sad corner of the World Wide Web. As you have no doubt surmised, I have eventually manned up and have decided that I’ll dive on in head first and if no one ever reads it so be it, my sad little blog shall be left to drown and the world will carry on turning. If however it is read and enjoyed I shall assume it is not a duffer and rejoice!
So now onto my reasons for becoming a ‘blogger’, without specific reasons I fear my blog may just become ramblings with the end result being a visit from the men in white coats! But I digress…

1. I am a relatively prolific crafter, however I seem to create very little for myself and so when people ask me what sort of things I can make I generally have to try to convey past creations through the medium of speech plus or minus outbursts of interpretive dance. A blog will hopefully allow me to record my creations and abominations for posterity, so that when the item, whatever it may be, has grown and flown the nest I can look back and smile proudly or regret not locking it in the attic Mr Rochester Style.

2. Having till now only been of any help to a few friends and a long suffering sister, I would like to share with the general populous of the world the skills and knowledge I have gained from being a lifelong maker (Obviously from this I exclude the years where was I was unable to support the weight of my own head, and the years where access to knitting needles would have likely resulted in a nasty accident and some tough questions from a social worker). I use the word share as although I do get that nice warm feeling that comes with superiority teaching, I know there’s always more than one way to skin a cat (not a craft which I will be covering I hasten to add, merely an expression) and I hope my fellow makers will chip in with their tips and tricks too.

3. And finally, people on blogs always seem to be finishing projects…I conclude, perhaps wrongly, that this is because they have blogs. I seem to never be finishing projects…starting projects is a regular occurrence however and this is where my problem lies. I have boxes full of partially completed items still waiting to achieve their creative destiny. My hope is therefore that by starting this I will suddenly start finishing everything, or otherwise feel so guilty that I force myself to get things done so I may blog about them!

And so dear reader we have a plan…


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